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Soundtrack to Your Escape

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  • i’ve been listening to in flames for quite some time, i own all of their albums except whoracle, which i expect to be nothing short of amazing. i’m a really big fan of their older stuff, anything off of COLONY is pure golden, but im also one of the few that still really appreciated Reroute to Remain. the clean singing was unexpected, but ive grown to love it. so i expected another stellar release from In flames with “soundtrack to your escape”, and i can’t really find anything worth listening to repeatebly. now, the first 2 songs i enjoyed, i think that f(r)iend is a nice new touch for in flames and its a very dark song, even for in flames, when #2 came on, i didn’t know if i was listening to old metroid music or the cd. you see, in flames have basically abandoned their beautiful melodies found on their older albums and have brought something that sounds similar to a casio keyboard. in other words, they replace melodies with these tedious video game songs, and to be honest, it sounds horrible, its a big reason why i couldn’t get into this album at all.second, the clean singing which i grew to love from RTR, has also vanished. instead, anders has introduced us a singing style that sounds like john davis of Korn. in other words, he does a soft whisper and goes into a high pitch yelp, which i guess in flames see as expressing emotion, but to me it sounds like anders is getting stabbed with a hot poker, and it just makes the songs even more annoying, on top of the stupid video game music.wait, theres more, in flames have tried to bring back their blazing solos of the old days and fail miserably, its to the point where i could play them, and i dont even play guitar. the drums aren’t anything special either, and the bass, well thats pretty much non-existent.the production wouldnt be so bad if there wasn’t this constant buzzing in the background, also, the drums sound horrible and drown out any sort of comprehendable music to be found on can tell that in flames is really struggling to find their style of music. STYE sounds like a jumbled mess, it feels rushed in every way shape and form. overall, the songs on here just aren’t worth listening to, i found myself skipping every track after the first minute or so. i have a hard time listening to in flames anymore, even their older stuff, because i know that there is crap like this that they have under their belts. i really don’t know why they decided to change so much, but its bad enough to where they dont sound like the same band at all. i think its time that they throw in the towel and quit before they release another CD this bad.

    Posted on February 9, 2010