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Soundtrack to Your Escape

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  • have you even met someone in an In Flames shirt only to find that they have never heard of King Diamond and found the In Flames side project Passenger to be “a delightful musical journey”. well the fact of the matter is that In Flames have become a very viable monetary asset in the metal world and these particular fans are popping up in droves. there’s never anything wrong with a band spreading their fanbase but, the question remains, “what is the cost?” any long time music fan could have seen the writing on the wall with Reroute to Remain (a perfectly likable if not softer album) as they did some years earlier with Metallica’s black album. this album doesnt offer anything particularly new other than some Korn style vocals and rather flat guitar riffs that never really catch your ear. it sounds more like rejected tracks from a previous effort than an album of new material. this record will send most die hard metal fans packing for good. and with good reason. it lacks any of the guts and bravado that metal so often offers. its metal recordings like this that make people buy the new Mithras record.

    Posted on February 9, 2010