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Southside Double-Wide: Acoustic Live

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  • I’ve always liked Sevendust since their first album. I’ve faltered in my fan tributes lately though. I only just got Animosity and I have yet to listen to Seasons.

    When I first got this newest release, I listened to the CD about 7-8 times before I popped in the DVD. I’ll have to say that these guys transform their heavy feel into something more using their acoustic instruments. Don’t get me wrong, the heavy songs are still heavy…the basslines keep it that way. But there are so many more notes that you experience

    I just finished watching their performance on the DVD and I was very impressed. Having only seen short clips of them live, I had very little to go by in regards to the dynamic of the band. Lajon expresses his emotions through his vocals. His lyrics are very powerful and he backs them up with his delivery, even in this toned down set.

    So, I gave it 4 stars for 3 reasons. On one song he is singing the chorus beautifully, but he ruins the flow by yelling out “yall like that?”. On ‘Hurt’ the lyrics are a bit mixed up, maybe on purpose, but that also took me out of the experience. Also there are no extras on the DVD.

    All in all it is a great set and I recommend it to any 7D fan or anyone who thinks they might be. It is a great addition to your 7D collection as well as an initial introduction to the band from Atlanta, GA.

    Posted on February 21, 2010