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Speak English or Die

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  • This album is a true trash metal masterpiece. It started all in 1985 as a side project by Scott Ian, guitarist of Anthrax. Recorded in three days it came out to be something like nothing else before: furious, mean, funny and heavy as hell. I still listen to it now in 2004 after almost 20 years from its birth!!
    It’s unbelievable how well it aged through time. I heard that it caused a lot of controversy because of the lyrics but I dindn’t care 15 years ago when I dindn’t even get a word of english (i’m italian) and I don’t care now as I read the cd booklet. Besides the lyrics were never intended to be that serious. Anyways if you like trash metal bands like suicidal tendencies or anthrax you will love sod “speak english or die”!

    “He’ll make you wish that you dindn’t exist,
    Cause Sargent “D” is coming and you’re on his list!”

    Posted on March 2, 2010