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Speak of the Devil

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  • One thing you have to give Ozzy, he has always surrounded himself with the best musical talent around. And nobody, nobody, has ever played with as many legendary guitar players. Perhaps the one that gets talked about the least is Brad Gillis and anybody that has ever heard this album would have to scream why!? Gillis absolutley shreds, playing as energetic and crisp notes as I have ever heard. I have always felt that this album had to have been double tracked in the studio, but have later found out that it was all live, Gillis is a freak! It is too bad that Gillis did not opt to stay with Ozzy, especially since he left Oz to go do that NightRanger crap. If you like Ozzy and his Sabbath hits and love incredible guitar playing, you cannot go wrong with this album.

    Posted on December 9, 2009