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Speak of the Devil

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  • speak of the devil is an under-rated and hard to find, if u are lucky to find this album it is a great listen every song is greatly done , ozzy took a pretty much unheard of guitarist in brad gill and showed the world that he could indeed play guitar.some people would say that ozzy put this album out for nonthing more then money,but the reason this album was even made was because the record company forced ozzy to put out another album, right after the tragic death of fellow guitarist and best friend randy rhoads , which is how this album got its name speak of the devil ( hints the record company) . they wanted ozzy to put out an album of randy rhoads on guitar, which was too soon and ozzy felt it would be disrespectful , so instead ozzy recorded a live concert with brad gill on guitar , who did a fantastic job and sent that to the company,ozzy himself says and i quote I dont give a f#$k about this album. That is why ozzy doesnt like this album and why it was done of all black sabbath songs, but still it is a great album , i was lucky and found it one day , bought it and couldnt stop listening to it.

    over all i give this album a 10/10

    Posted on December 9, 2009