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  • Took a chance on The Donnas and DAMN, did I win big…these girls ROCK!!! They’re not Metal or punk, but more straight hard rock, no-frills, upbeat and fast; the kind you’d wish more girls would play. After hearing ten million women sing sappy ballads of heartbreak, it’s damned refreshing to hear a girl DEMAND “Take me to the backseat”. I can’t think of who to compare them to since most girl bands don’t rock this hard…maybe if the Runaways and AC/DC collided in a car crash, the Donnas would emerge. There’s no great instrumental prowess but there doesn’t need to be any: three minutes, three chords, they’re in, they’re out, next please. The only semi-slow song on the CD is “Too bad about your girl”, and that’s not even that slow. One of the best things about The Donnas is they actually CELEBRATE casual sex/getting laid (at least according to their lyrics) instead of crying over it like Britney or her ilk…If you don’t “Take it off” fast enough they’d probably break a bottle over your head, and “Pass it around” might just as well mean a guy’s johnson as well as a drink. Can’t wait to see them on tour…

    Posted on January 14, 2010