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Spend the Night

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  • A perfect rock album. Yep, these four girls, using the standard “bass, guitars, drums and vocals” rock instrumentation, singing simple, fresh, often naughty lyrics and slashing away with huge power chords and twisty solos…mostly at breakneck tempos…have crafted an outstanding rock album…rock with a capital “R”, “A”, “W” and “K”.It’s a fun listen. You’ll smile while pumping your fist and flailing away on your air guitar. The single “Take It Off” gives you a good idea of the record…if you like it, you’ll totally enjoy the rest of the album.But, there’s hardly any tunes I skip now…it’s maddeningly catchy.Check out these up and coming bands now…The Ataris, The Androids, The Exies…and The Donnas. All tuneful, driving, great rock…this is a great time to be listening to this type of music. Too bad radio/MTV hasn’t picked up on all this good stuff. I’ve had enough of hip hop and rap metal…

    Posted on January 15, 2010