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  • Simply one of the best live CD’s I’ve ever heard.’Sphinctour’ was recorded on the band’s 1996 world tour in support of their ‘Filth Pig’ effort.Superb sound mix,it just doesn’t get any better than this.Each of the CD’s eleven gut-crutching tracks were recorded from a different city,like Toronto,Hamburg,etc.However,’Sphinctour’ SOUNDS as if it were one continuous show.I LOVE that in a live album.Shows class,I think.Tunes I found that were more than worth repeated plays include the in-your-face “Psalm 69″,”Reload”,”Just One Fix”(know several fans that say this is their favorite Ministry cut),the slammin’ classic “N.W.O.”,”Hero”,”Thieves” and “Lava”.Top rate industrial metal as you like it.Line-up:Al Jourgensen-vocals,Paul Barker-bass,Louis Svitek&Zlatko Hukic-guitars,Duane Buford-keyboards and Reynolds Washan-drums.Highly recommended.

    Posted on January 4, 2010