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  • For reasons unknown, years after the actual Sphinctour came to an end in ‘96, Ministry released this amazing live album, consisting mainly of songs off “Psalm 69″ and “Filth Pig”, and it couldn’t get any better. The only way this album could possibly get any better is if it were either 2-cds, or if the boys would have at least included “So What” or “Stigmata” (featured on the DVD). That or if they would have waited and maybe some song from “Dark Side Of The Spoon” would have been on here. All that aside, this is all the amazing intensity that is Ministry live. Even people who don’t like “Filth Pig” won’t be able to enjoy the live versions of such great tunes like “Crumbs” and the title track, but for some reason the guys felt the need to make “Lava” 8 minutes long and it gets a little annoying in the middle. Oh well… From the opening track the classic “Psalm 69″ all the way down to the slow, somber, rather depressing rendition of “The Fall”, this is one live release that is guaranteed to take your breath away, I promise. Nothing tops the version of “Thieves” on here. I can’t imagine the f*cking pit, man. If you’re new to Ministry and love live albums this is definitely one cd I would highly recommend to you, and for all the hardcore Ministry fans, we’ll all love this to death as well.

    Posted on January 4, 2010