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  • I purchased this album with mixed expectations. Having seen Ministry live, I knew they can put on a mindblowing show when they want to. I also knew that their recent efforts (Filth Pig and DSOTS) were hit-and-miss affairs. Any reservations I had were quickly dispelled by what stands as one of the best live albums I’ve heard in recent years. After starting off with a brutal rendition of Psalm 69, the album moves into three songs from Filth Pig. All three sound better than they did on the album. From there we enter the album’s third “movement,” which consists of three favorites from Psalm 69, all served in abbreviated form and blended into one another (an interesting trick given that all of the songs here came from different live shows). We finally get one older song, Theives, before the album moves into its last chapter, a magesterial arc of songs starting with an absolutely brooding version of Scarecrow, a pounding Lava and, the high point of the disc, a haunting extended version of The Fall. This album gets stronger as it moves along, but it has high production quality and most if not all of the songs are stronger and more emotive than their album counterparts. If there is a weakness, it is the lack of some fan favorites, such as Jesus Built My Hotrod, So What, or Stigmata (though to be fair, two of these were on ICYDFLSU). It’s not quite the same as being there at a live Ministry show, but it’s close. For maximum enjoyment, play back-to-back with Nine Inch Nails’ “And All That Could Have Been.”

    Posted on January 4, 2010