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  • Proscriptor is the King. If you’re a drummer, you have to listen to some of his work. Get this and some Absu, one of his other projects. I swear, sometimes his drums are enough to kick in that feeling of transportation only the best music gives you.
    Of course, on this album, most of the time he is playing along to very adventurous and playful riffing. Melechesh has the speed and vocals of black metal, but still come off as thrashy, or just ‘brilliant’.
    The lyrics are about the true creators of earth and man and all that:

    “Rites of ill winds, burning the awareness path
    Rites of Dingir never to be for mankind
    In the maze of the dome it shall be sealed
    The secrets of sphynxology will never be revealed

    Nebiru ground of the olden rise
    Dunes of the formers cipher the cries


    My favorite here is probably Annunaki’s Golden Thrones, because of ‘that riff part’. You will know when you hear it.

    Posted on December 14, 2009