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Spirit of the Wild

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  • This album marks the return to familiar waters (like a salmon going upstream) for Ted Nugent…good music! We lost Ted there for a decade or so but SPIRIT OF THE WILD sets things right. Ted Nugent is an American music treasure and this album may help remind folks that ole Terrible Ted is still alive and kicking (and licking if the mood is right I’m sure). The songs have a theme that will remind the listener of the Amboy Dukes days, hunting, dominance, guns and the outdoors. The music is fresh and crisp, Ted’s guitar work just keeps getting better. Derek St. Holmes returns and the magic just comes right back. The production methods were modern and polished, this was a ground up effort, not just some of his old music slapped onto a CD format without digital remastering. There are some people who will NOT like this album…Janet Reno, Jessie Jackson, Sarah Brady, The Crips and Bloods, NAACP, Yaser Arafat, IRS, the United Nations and all those liberals to name a few, he explains his attitude towards these people and institutions on track 9, I have to agree with him! The 80’s were a disaster for Ted, this release and the 1997 release of LIVE AT HAMMERSMITH 79 have re-energized this Rock and Roll warhorse.The Great Gonzo hath returned! Long Live Ted!

    Posted on December 23, 2009