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Spiritual Black Dimensions

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  • This is a very underrated album, coming off their best “Enthrone Darkness Triumphant”, this always happens to bands, once they release their best album, the album that follows it usually gets underrated, and overlooked, it happened to Morbid Angel with Domination, it happened to Exodus with Pleasures of the Flesh, and so on, so this is more keyboard driven than ETD was, but it’s the same direction, the production is top notch like ETD, so no worries there.

    “Reptile” Is an excellent opener, one of the best on the album, this song has alot of keys, and some clean vocal parts, but it all fits in nicely, and is it’s nice and heavy also.

    “Behind The Curtains of Night – Phantasmagoria” Is just as strong as Reptile, featuring heavy riffs, a nice heavy groove, and the keys are great, and of course Shagraths vocals are killer.

    “Dreamside Dominions” This reminds me alot of ETD, it’s the most comparable, not much to say about it, just a killer song.

    “United in Unhallowed Grace” Is heavy as hell, and nice keys again, very nicely done.

    “The Promised Future Aeons” Starts with a symphonic sound, and works it’s way into the song, another great song.

    “The Blazing Monoliths of Defiance” Starts with heavy riffs, and then the guitars and drums and vocals come in, with the keys, very nicely done also.

    “The Insight and the Catharsis” Not much to say, has some nice clean vocal parts as well, and nice keys, not much else to say about it, just another killer song.

    The last 2 are killer also, theres just nothing much different about them from the rest of the songs to explain them, this album is very underrated, if you liked ETD, and don’t mind a FEW clean vocal parts, and more keyboards, then check this out.

    Posted on January 21, 2010