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  • Metal. Usually it’s from guys who have attitude problems and scream because they can’t sing. Kittie. A heavy metal band (real metal too, none of this rap/metal stuff) that doesn’t have any guys, has brains, and can sing. Imagine that. The lyrics are intelligent, the riffs are awesome, and you can’t help but bang your head. The boys of Pantera would be proud. Unlike todays trend of throwing a bunch of musical genres into a pot and trying to pass it off as something new, this is pure metal. Well, the last two tracks aren’t, but I’m getting to that. Metal like Pantera, Anthrax, and the younger Metallica. Screams, crunch, destroy. Yes, that type of metal. The first track “Spit” is amazing. Morgan’s screams are enough to pop your ear-drums. But she also can sing better than Britney Spears. “Charlotte” is the best example of this. The softer “Paperdoll” too. “Suck” is great, my favorite part is the break in the song, then Morgan blows up. The drumming is powerful. Mercedes is one of the best drummers out right now. Just listen to “Brackish”. “Jonny” is another great song. The riffs are awesomw. Pretty much any song shows that. The last song “Immortal” is a gothic instrumental. I really like it too, it sounds more like an intro, but that’s besides the point. This is a classic metal album. Go get it.

    Posted on December 28, 2009