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  • Kittie coming straight out of…….nowhere just clawed the music scene with, yeah I was shocked too, talent. Rock music hasn’t been doing much of anything lately but thankfully Kittie have arrived to, uh, rock! They may look gothic (can’t blame them for good taste), but this isn’t gothic music, though “Immortal” has a gothic touch to it. Indeed, this is more like Pantera than Bauhaus. The lead singer, Morgan, can go from feminine vocals to Philip Anselmo faster than my black cat could retract her claws (yeah, I know, these girls already have enough cat jokes). Mercedes is an amazing drummer and Fallon and Talena riff with the best of them. A very talented group at a very young age. The best songs are “Spit”, “Charlotte”, “Brackish” and “Paperdoll”. At times these songs sound like the last but that’s okay, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. These songs are harder than Marilyn Manson and Coal Chamber combined, they’d scare off those Hot Topic ‘goth-metal’ bozos that have been going around like the plague (and just like the plague, avoid that poseur stuff). This is a very strong debut, but I know their next CD will wipe out the compitition. I read how a lot of people say stuff like ‘wow, chicks’. Remember, Britney Spears is a woman too, but she hasn’t done anything important. Kittie are loud, dirty, explicit, angry fun. Seeing as this is metal, I can’t think of a better compliment.

    Posted on December 28, 2009