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Spontaneous Combustion

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  • i can understand both sides of the argument of how people find this either good or bad. i came into this album understanding that it was really nothing but jamming. i cant say other than this cd that i have a strictly jam cd. obviously with dream theater, king crimson, and even liquid tension experiment, the songs are written and composed, meant to go together. this is just a trio of musicians having fun and i think it’s pretty cool. a lot of the stuff they come up with is beyond any music i’ve ever listened to hence the word ”experiment” in the name of this group. there are certainly some rough parts within this cd which is what turns me a little bit off about it. but, the parts that are actually held together really do astound me because, being a drummer myself, i can see so many parts portnoy holds together where i would fall off track showing that he is very experienced. if i were able to give it 3.5 stars though i probly would because that’s what i truthfully think it deserves. because im such a DT freak i rounded them up a notch. pretty fun stuff, but if u cant handle purely jams with no real rudimentary idea behind it, then it isn’t for u. if ur just down to listen to it for fun, then have fun listening to it when u purchase it!

    Posted on January 27, 2010