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Spreading the Disease

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  • This album was recorded when (1985) bands like Judas Priest,Iron Maiden,Dio and Ozzy Osbourne were the reigning champs of heavy metal,and the other bands like Bon Jovi,Ratt,and Dokken, serious metal fans didn’t want to have anything to do with. Then came along new bands like Metallica,Megadeth, Slayer,and Anthrax who had REALLY heavy sound,but at this time if you had heard of them , it was probably on college radio or a friend had one of their albums. ” Spreading the Disease ” is Anthrax’s second album and premiered Joe Belladonna on vocals. This is one first “thrash” albums made on a major label ,though it’s not their breakthrough album , it is a seed of and standard of how metal is played today. A little dated now in 1998 and Anthrax has put out disappointing efforts lately, I still have a craving to listen to jams like “Madhouse”, “Aftershock” ” Medusa” and my favorite “SSC/Stand or Fall”. If you want to listen to some preety good vintage thrash , listen and/or buy this disc.

    Posted on November 13, 2009