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St. Anger

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  • With a Rick Rubin produced new album expected in 2007, the band s first in four years, Metallica churns the waters with its first-ever musicvideo retrospective. Featuring 21 videos and bonus features, spanning the album years 1989 to 2004, from And Justice For All to St. Anger, the collection showcases hard rock s greatest band. Ranked eighth on the list of the biggest selling groups in history, a


Also included is a bonus DVD featuring a down n’ dirty live-in-the-studio performance of every track on the album. Never before has an artist designated a live DVD performance of a new album to simultaneously accompany its new studio release. CD produced by Bob Rock.Never underestimate the regenerative powers of Metallica. Following the stripped-down Load and Re-Load, they’ve returned to the raw, vitriolic savagery of their earlier canon, using 1984’s Ride the Lightning as a template for St. Anger. The title track provides the psychic lynchpin of the album by combining the bombast and defiance of the band’s earliest high-water marks with more deliberate lyrics and emotional nakedness. Equally cathartic is ”Some Kind of Monster,” a lumbering beast of a song that declares, ”This is the voice of silence no more.” Despite that claim, there’s an economy to these lyrics; James Hetfield’s raw-toothed growl only occasionally punctuates the menacing soundscapes. In fact, ”Dirty Windows,” the standout track here, is a shimmering five-minute instrumental that’s free of the baroque trappings that sometimes clutter the Metallica landscape. –Jaan Uhelszki

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  • If I could give this album a zero I would… Metallica started out as playing REAL Heavy Metal Load and Re-Load were OKAY by my standards not bad not good….. but this new album is just trash they have gone from bad to worse… Nu-Metallica is total commercial TRASH and has not one shred of good in it! Total utter TRASH… So do yourself a favor dont buy this CD EVER…. if you want REAL Heavy Metal look into the following bandsHeavy Metal- Helloween, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Sonata Arctica, Panteraand if you like extreme stuff look intoDimmu Borgir, Emperor, Darkthrone, Mayhem, Dodheimsgard, Immortal etc….LONG LIVE THE TRUE METAL SCENE!!!!DOWN WITH COMMERCIAL TRASH!

    Posted on November 16, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • No, this album isn’t an avante-garde Autechre-inspired IDM fest, but it’s probably the closest Metallica will ever come.When my friend asked me today how St. Anger is, my first response was “F—-in’ weird…but really great.” Then I thought about it, and it hit me–St. Anger is, with the exception of Radiohead’s Kid A from a couple years ago, probably the strangest, most experimental and unexpected album to come from a multi-million selling act in the last decade (or more). I had read many reviews and responses to the album before I heard it, and they all said basically the same thing: “Heavy, fast, complex, dirty, grimy, a return to the trashing Metallica of old.” That’s only partially true. It’s heavy, it’s complex, it’s DEFINITELY dirty and grimy. But what I never read from anyone’s review was the pure WEIRDNESS of it all. You have the country-inflected vocal harmonies shoved in the middle of the goliath “Frantic”, the half-dead lead guitar sound at the beginning of “Some Kind Of Monster,” the almost Moog sounding octaving guitar on the chorus (?) of “Sweet Amber,” the double-time drumming and half-time singing on the verses (?) of “All Within My Hands,” the simply indescribable vocal stylings in the bridge (?) of “The Unnamed Feeling” — the list goes on. This is Metallica at their most experimental.Most shocking of everything on the disc, however, is the recording quality (or lack thereof). Who would’ve thought that the band who gave us the pristine sounds of Load and the Black Album could give us this album that could easily be described as “Lo fi”? It took me a song or two to get used to, but after sitting through the whole disc, it all made sense. This album is catharsis for a band who, in the short time of writing and recording it, no longer gave a damn about what was expected from them. What it lacks in production and lyrics, it makes up for in its pure INTENSITY and those magical moments where you just can’t believe they did what they did.Many people are going to HATE St. Anger. Many people already do. It’s one of those records where you just have to “get it.” While the album has its flaws, I believe that it is planting the seeds for the next true Metallica (or rock) classic.THIS ALBUM IS AT WORST: A poorly recorded, slapped together experiment that, while lacking direction and incredible songs, still stands as respectable attempt to revitalize the state of modern metal through experimentation and brutal honesty.THIS ALBUM IS AT BEST:A historic moment in the history of modern rock, where a hugely popular band decided to actualy DO SOMETHING about the state of popular music instead of just talking about it. An anomaly of a record that succeeds in wearing its heart on its sleeve through sincerity, experimentation, and intensity, in spite of it’s occasional lack of musical and lyrical focus. Personally I think it’s somewhere between those two.

    Posted on November 16, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This got to be the most diturbing thing I have ever experience. I went to my local Used cd store to see whats new and some kid was trying to convience the store’s owner to buy his St. Anger copy for 2 bucks. The kid walk back out of the store with the cd under his arm. I asked the owner why he didn’t buy the record from the kid and then he told no one is buying that item any more. I asked why, and he showed me the metallica used cd section…OHHH My God!!! there were at least 45 St. Anger copies in there! “I will never buy a copy of that junk again”, the man told me, “the last time I sold one of those was 3 weeks ago and two days after that, the same guy walked back in here and wanted to sell it back to me again for 2 bucks! True story!The guy and the kid were both right about not selling or buying that album…St Anger is the worst thing that ever happened to an electric guitar!Dear god!!!! How can this be!!!. Even though Load and Re-load were not what oldschool fans like me expected from Metallica, this should go down in the Guiness Book of World records as the greatest dissapointment in music history. This is completely aweful!!! I mean, no pun intended, but this is rookie material for elder Gods of metal like Metallica, even Venom’s Welcome to Hell sounds better! I can’t believe someone actually wanted to record and album that sounds bad on porpoise! This will never grow on me, no matter how many years i’ll try to! So for those of you trying to sell this….jajajajajaja try the moon, coz there aren’t enough people in this planet that would like to buy that crap! not even used!

    Posted on November 16, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Hmm, where to begin? Ok, how about this? The new Metallica CD, “St. Anger”, is nothing short of awful. Yeah, that works. If Metallica weren’t finished before, they most certainly are now. Having listened to the whole thing, I can say that there is not a single moment of the CD that doesn’t make me want to do horrible evil things to it. Metallica are trying desperately to be heavy and scary, and somehow trying to start some kind of revolution. Guess what? Metal has been doing just fine for the last 10 years without Metallica, and it will continue to do so for many years to come. Why do I want to hear Lars trying to do blast beats, when I can hear dozens of competent drummers do it successfully? For that matter, why do I want to listen to this in the first place? Answer: I don’t.Oh, and as if the music and lyrics weren’t bad enough, the production is even worse. Even “Justice” had better production than this (and production still didn’t stop it from being their best album). This sounds like it was recorded in the men’s room at Burger King.Yep, this is just bad. I won’t say I’m disappointed, because I really didn’t expect much in the first place. I have no use for Metallica anymore. They may have influenced loads of other metal bands, but most of those metal bands have surpassed them in quality by far, and I think I’ll just stick to those. Oh, and this does not sound like Slipknot. Slipknot may not be the best band ever, but they’re way better than this.Go buy something else, like a pizza. Mmmm, pizza.

    Posted on November 16, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • St Anger is the ‘Jar Jar Binks’ of metal albums.

    Posted on November 16, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now