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Stabbing the Drama

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  • I really don’t understand how people can expect a band to play the exact same type of music throughout the entire course of their career. With time comes change and growth, which means that has a band matures they gradually start to find new things that they want to tweak in order to better their sound. I think that Soilwork really improved upon the overly melodic approach they used for Figure Number Five, and combined that with some of the heaviness from A Predator’s Portrait to make a really good album. Their are some misses on the album, but overall I thought that Stabbing the Drama did an excellent job in mixing melodies with heavy riffs to create some really quality tunes. Highlights of the album include the title track Stabbing the Drama, Weapons of Vanity, Fate in Motion, and the Crestfallen.

    Posted on January 28, 2010