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Stabbing the Drama

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  • After spending the past few years getting all the nu-metal trash thrown at me, it seems that that fad has finally waned down. This new “metal-core” fad in metal today will most likely suffer the same fate, but for bands like Soilwork, this passing fad may find them mainstream success. After the disappointing “Figure Number Five”, Soilwork return with “Stabbing the Drama”, which is a vast improvement, and while it may not harken back to the “Natural Born Chaos” or even “Steelbath Suicide” days, this album still manages to be a more than solid headbanger. The title track features an incredibly catchy chorus, while “One With the Flies”, “Stalemate”, and “If Possible” are great as well. However, there are times on “Stabbing the Drama” that it sounds too mainstream aimed, especially on “Distance”. Despite that, and many of the negative reviews featured here, “Stabbing the Drama” is an intelligent metal album, which is something the genre so desperately needs with all the Killswitch Engage’s and Atreyu’s running around today. All in all, if you’ve never heard Soilwork before, check out “Steelbath Suicide” or “Natural Born Chaos”, and then give “Stabbing the Drama” a stab.

    Posted on January 29, 2010