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Stabbing the Drama

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  • It’s about friggin’ time, too. For a stretch there, I thought Soilwork were done for, caught up in the mediocrity and mundanity of 75% of today’s metal. With “Stabbing the Drama,” these guys bring back the Soilwork of the beginning, when they were still creative and interesting. But, you have to cut them some slack. Afterall, Soilwork are in a sub-genre of metal where its probably most difficult to succeed or stand out. This album is full of plenty of consistantly cool riffs, throat-wrenching vocals, and provocative drumming. Even though there is a lot to say that is positive about this disc, for me, there is just a little too much filler. Tracks such as “One with the Flies” and “Fate in Motion” don’t have anything about them that stands out. Sometimes I even find myself not listening to them at all. Notwithstanding, here are the classic favorites :

    1. Stabbing The Drama – “Im waiting, for something to show my punshiment, for being down so low,” sings the chorus of the attention-grabbing title track.
    5. Nerve – I like the intro, where the riff follows the unique double-kick pattern. Another song where the chorus shines.
    6. Stalemate – Boy, do the riffs pull this song together, here. Aside from my favorite track, “Blind Eye Halo,” this is the heaviest onslaught of the CD.
    7. Distance – Wait, maybe this song has the best chorus, I’m not sure. Even though I love it, this song becomes a tad repetitive upon its ending.
    10. Blind Eye Halo – Absolutely punishing. It will pick you up and throw you down the stairs. The best drumming and guitar solos on the disc, in my opinion. Blown away by this track.

    If you’re a metal fan, you should probably check this out, because it is rather entertaining. However, make sure you don’t put it at the top of your list, for you may be disappointed. Thank you for your time.

    Posted on January 29, 2010