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Stabbing Westward

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  • I bought my first Stabbing Westward album after hearing a song I liked very much on the radio. I loved the album and proceeded to buy their other albums and genuinely enjoyed them as well. It’s rare that I find a band where I actually listen to the entire album as opposed to just a select few tracks. Stabbing Westward was one of those few.This latest album is such a departure from their previous albums that you likely would not be able to pick the music as being Stabbing Westward. For some that might be a good thing; for me it was very disappointing. After hearing the first few songs, I honestly checked the cd case to make sure I bought the right album.As the reviewer above states, the music is very light. That can mean different things to different people, but, to me it sounded like “pop” music. To the extent that their previous music can be described as dark, heavy, loud- none of that is present on this album. I normally don’t write reviews here, but I find that the majority of the music reviews are positive- to the point that it’s really not helpful to judge whether I would like a particular album or not. I just wanted to let people know that if they buy this latest album expecting something along the lines of the previous Stabbing Westward albums they will likely be disappointed. I will say that my rating is only intended to reflect that this is not what I wanted to hear when I put in a Stabbing Westward cd. If I could separate myself from that fact, I probably would have rated the album 3 stars as opposed to two.

    Posted on November 23, 2009