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Stabbing Westward

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  • First off, it is not my opinion that Stabbing Westward “sold out” with their release of this CD. Yes, it is not nearly as dark, heavy, or somber. However, I have yet to hear any of their songs on the radio (I think they released “So Far Away”), so I wouldn’t call this a desperate run for them to gain mass appeal. I would prefer to justify the change in music style to a gradual change in Christopher Hall’s personna.”Ungod” and “Wither Blister Burn & Peel” were outlets for the rage and hatred that Chris Hall felt for his ex. By “Darkest Days”, my favorite SW album, the rage was still evident in some songs, but for the most part had dissipated. It was replaced by sorrow and desperation. By their self-titled album, it has been replaced with a feeling of acceptance. Acceptance that the relationship is over and that he can move on with his life.As far as music goes, this is excellent stuff. Softer than previous works, yes, but actually a progression as far as the use of melody and rhythm. It is of my opinion that the band has progressed, and is currently exploring all of the limitless possibilities that exist for this talented band.Will you agree with my synopsis? Maybe not, but I do urge you to give this CD a number of listens before you discard the band. It is still very emotional, just not as depressing as past works. Favorite songs include “I Remember”, “So Far Away”, and “The Air You Breathe”.

    Posted on November 23, 2009