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  • This is probably the best album of Melvins’ fairly brief career as major label recording artists. The riffs are heavy, but bright and bouncy rather than mired in sludge, and the ‘experimental’ elements are always hitched to great hooks. ‘Bar-X the Rocking M’ has a killer trombone solo, ‘Skin Horse’ is both hilarious and oddly touching, and ‘Black Bock’ is probably the most surprising track in Melvins’ catalogue.

    Less radio-friendly than ‘Houdini’ or ‘Stoner Witch’, but not nearly so weird as some other reviewers think. If you want Melvins at their most adventurous, try the excellent ‘Honky’ — the next record they made after Atlantic dumped them for not selling as many records as Nirvana — or the legendary ‘Lysol’ (also known just as ‘Melvins’ — the one with the horserider on the front), the only full album featuring Joe Preston (Earth, Thrones). But there’s no Melvins record that’s not worth having.

    Posted on March 17, 2010