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Start a War

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With their fourth album, thrash heroes Static-X head back to the future of metal as Start A War marks the return of original producer Ulrich Wild and original guitarist Koichi Fukuda, both of whom were instrumental in the success of the band’s platinum debut Wisconsin Death Trip. Unrelenting and uncompromising, Static-X elevate their bone-crunching hard rock to a new level of earth-scorching destruction.

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  • This band seems to make pairs in their albums, Wisconsin Death Trip/Machine sound somewhat the same. Shadow Zone/Start a War have a bit of the same sound. A-lot of people don’t really like this album. But this is probably one of my favorites. It still has the melodies from Shadow Zone, but still has more heavy stuff as well. And they added more techno into the music, which is great, because it fits in their music very well. My favorites include “Dirthouse,” “I’m The One,” “Skinnyman,” and “Break It” I can’t really explain why this CD is so great in my opinion. It has some filler songs, though. But Dirthouse is easily the best song on this CD IMO. the drums sound amazing. I don’t know what else to say. If you liked Shadow Zone a bit, check this one out. Actually, just check it out regardless, this CD is my second favorite by them, 5 stars.

    Posted on December 27, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Hell of an album ! I bought it after Cannibal because all I had before was just WDT. I don’t think Cannibal can be topped, but this is a worthy purchase and besides, who’s comparing ? Not a return to the WDT like many people say, or Shadow Zone part 2, as others claim, but an album with a sound and merits of its own. The songs are the usual kick-in-the-b·lls- industrial numetal with incredible amounts of groove to it, and it’s bassist Tony Campos who’s mainly responsible for that. Gurgling, stomach-wrenching basslines that could make the dead walk; every song has a different hook and the whole of the record functions as a cohesive tour de force opus. Guitarrist Fukuda is back but without a vengeance since the guitarwork, while effective and powerful, is nothing too notorious for originality. Oshiro is a very competent drummer and Waynw Static fortunately abandons his previous record crooning vocals in favour of the ultra-fast stacatto delivery he’s so famous for. And man it suits him !
    Some guitars borrow a lot from Fear Factory and some songs have a certain Kornesque vocal style to it but it’s a well-known fact these people are friends of and fans of these band acknowledging them as big influences.

    Now on the sound : It lacks treble, the sound is murky and calls for a lot of equing : what hapenned Mr Ulrich ??!! The mix on WDT was outstanding and the sound of Cannibal perfection achieved, so this strikes as odd, but it can be fixed.
    The last song is pure evil disco, no vocals, and features a ghost track with Tony Campos swearing his a·· off in spanish (I LMAO)by reciting the intro of a Brujeria song (he’s their bassist) followed by the vocal track for Otsego Amigo without the music. Do yourself a service and add this great album to your metal collection.

    Posted on December 27, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • back in 2001 or so, i bought “machine” and to be honest with you, i didn’t really like it. in fact, i hadn’t touched it in a very long time, until i heard “i’m the one” a month or 2 ago on the radio. once i heard the brand new track, i was amazed by how it sounded and i decided to give “machine” another chance, but the only song that really captivated me was “cold”. i searched their website and was able to listen to 3 new tracks off the new album. i went and got it a few weeks later. Once I started listening to “start a war”, i knew that static-x had greatly improved. the lyrical content has grown considerably, and u are able to tell how much they have worked to get to where they are now. my favorite songs are “i’m the one”, “the enemy”, “night terrors”, and “skinnyman”. even slower songs such as “just in case” grap your attention. get this cd if you know the kind of music that static-x creates. however, this is not an album to take a chance on if you are not familiar with them.

    Posted on December 27, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Don’t get me wrong, this is a good album, however, it is my least favorite static-x album to date. I think “Wisconsin death trip” and “Machine” are way better albums. This album just isn’t as energetic, from beginning to end, as those albums were. But who can blame them, isn’t this like their 5th album (4th excluding beyond)? When you are a musician and been around long enough to write that many albums, you start to lose a little bit of your “luster” meaning your ideas and writing ability. Basically, it gets harder and harder to write another album. So I give them credit for that. They still rock. With that being said, my only complaints with the album are as follow: (1) it has some good heavy songs, but as the album chugs along, it seems no song is better than the one before it. (2) as mentioned above, the lyrics and music aren’t as inventive as they were on past albums (3) The album could be heavier. It has this rushed “burnout” feel to it (4) and last but not least: song 13 (brainfog) is utter garbage! I wouldn’t have even put it on the album. It is just a musical medley, followed by a very long wait, followed by lyrics form song 11 (ostego amigo). I don’t get why some bands do this, they actually pay for the studio time to record crap like that at the end of their albums. Its one thing to add something to your album that makes it better, its also one thing to add something to your album that doesn’t make a difference either way, but in this case, this definitely brings down the album just a tiny bit, and I would have got rid of it and stuck with 12 songs

    Verdict: A good static x-album, but at times it sounds like they are grasping for something and just not reaching the level they should be at. No new territory is covered on this album. Still worth checking out for dedicated fans. I am actually glad they got their old guitarist back. I really look forward to their next album and his grunt-death growls like he did on the song “push it” as well as his guitar sound and inspiration for a heavier album

    Posted on December 26, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Static X first grabbed me back in the days with, “Push it, I’m with stupid, and Bled for days”. (Machine) grabbed me with, “This is not, Black and White, Otsego Undead, and Structural Defect”. However, there are not many songs on this album that I can say really grab me as the old Static X of the past had done. I do like, “Skinnyman” being my favorite of this album, and have given, “Otsego Amigo” a fair liking without all the lyrical screeching would have been better, but it has a nice beat, “I’m the One” has a small part in my heart as well. Without offending I would have to honestly say in my opinion buy, “Wisconsin Deathtrip, Machine, and if you have to buy another static x album buy Shadow Zone” I really like, “Kill your idols, and So”.. By the way Static X rules, I just hope they go back to their B*tt kicking days with push it, stupid, kill your idols, and this is not. Asta!

    Posted on December 26, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now