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  • Static X first grabbed me back in the days with, “Push it, I’m with stupid, and Bled for days”. (Machine) grabbed me with, “This is not, Black and White, Otsego Undead, and Structural Defect”. However, there are not many songs on this album that I can say really grab me as the old Static X of the past had done. I do like, “Skinnyman” being my favorite of this album, and have given, “Otsego Amigo” a fair liking without all the lyrical screeching would have been better, but it has a nice beat, “I’m the One” has a small part in my heart as well. Without offending I would have to honestly say in my opinion buy, “Wisconsin Deathtrip, Machine, and if you have to buy another static x album buy Shadow Zone” I really like, “Kill your idols, and So”.. By the way Static X rules, I just hope they go back to their B*tt kicking days with push it, stupid, kill your idols, and this is not. Asta!

    Posted on December 26, 2009