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  • Don’t get me wrong, this is a good album, however, it is my least favorite static-x album to date. I think “Wisconsin death trip” and “Machine” are way better albums. This album just isn’t as energetic, from beginning to end, as those albums were. But who can blame them, isn’t this like their 5th album (4th excluding beyond)? When you are a musician and been around long enough to write that many albums, you start to lose a little bit of your “luster” meaning your ideas and writing ability. Basically, it gets harder and harder to write another album. So I give them credit for that. They still rock. With that being said, my only complaints with the album are as follow: (1) it has some good heavy songs, but as the album chugs along, it seems no song is better than the one before it. (2) as mentioned above, the lyrics and music aren’t as inventive as they were on past albums (3) The album could be heavier. It has this rushed “burnout” feel to it (4) and last but not least: song 13 (brainfog) is utter garbage! I wouldn’t have even put it on the album. It is just a musical medley, followed by a very long wait, followed by lyrics form song 11 (ostego amigo). I don’t get why some bands do this, they actually pay for the studio time to record crap like that at the end of their albums. Its one thing to add something to your album that makes it better, its also one thing to add something to your album that doesn’t make a difference either way, but in this case, this definitely brings down the album just a tiny bit, and I would have got rid of it and stuck with 12 songs

    Verdict: A good static x-album, but at times it sounds like they are grasping for something and just not reaching the level they should be at. No new territory is covered on this album. Still worth checking out for dedicated fans. I am actually glad they got their old guitarist back. I really look forward to their next album and his grunt-death growls like he did on the song “push it” as well as his guitar sound and inspiration for a heavier album

    Posted on December 26, 2009