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Start a War

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  • back in 2001 or so, i bought “machine” and to be honest with you, i didn’t really like it. in fact, i hadn’t touched it in a very long time, until i heard “i’m the one” a month or 2 ago on the radio. once i heard the brand new track, i was amazed by how it sounded and i decided to give “machine” another chance, but the only song that really captivated me was “cold”. i searched their website and was able to listen to 3 new tracks off the new album. i went and got it a few weeks later. Once I started listening to “start a war”, i knew that static-x had greatly improved. the lyrical content has grown considerably, and u are able to tell how much they have worked to get to where they are now. my favorite songs are “i’m the one”, “the enemy”, “night terrors”, and “skinnyman”. even slower songs such as “just in case” grap your attention. get this cd if you know the kind of music that static-x creates. however, this is not an album to take a chance on if you are not familiar with them.

    Posted on December 27, 2009