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  • Hell of an album ! I bought it after Cannibal because all I had before was just WDT. I don’t think Cannibal can be topped, but this is a worthy purchase and besides, who’s comparing ? Not a return to the WDT like many people say, or Shadow Zone part 2, as others claim, but an album with a sound and merits of its own. The songs are the usual kick-in-the-b·lls- industrial numetal with incredible amounts of groove to it, and it’s bassist Tony Campos who’s mainly responsible for that. Gurgling, stomach-wrenching basslines that could make the dead walk; every song has a different hook and the whole of the record functions as a cohesive tour de force opus. Guitarrist Fukuda is back but without a vengeance since the guitarwork, while effective and powerful, is nothing too notorious for originality. Oshiro is a very competent drummer and Waynw Static fortunately abandons his previous record crooning vocals in favour of the ultra-fast stacatto delivery he’s so famous for. And man it suits him !
    Some guitars borrow a lot from Fear Factory and some songs have a certain Kornesque vocal style to it but it’s a well-known fact these people are friends of and fans of these band acknowledging them as big influences.

    Now on the sound : It lacks treble, the sound is murky and calls for a lot of equing : what hapenned Mr Ulrich ??!! The mix on WDT was outstanding and the sound of Cannibal perfection achieved, so this strikes as odd, but it can be fixed.
    The last song is pure evil disco, no vocals, and features a ghost track with Tony Campos swearing his a·· off in spanish (I LMAO)by reciting the intro of a Brujeria song (he’s their bassist) followed by the vocal track for Otsego Amigo without the music. Do yourself a service and add this great album to your metal collection.

    Posted on December 27, 2009