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State of Euphoria

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  • I was glad that I was able to find this CD and buy it, I had the cassette years ago, but wore the hell out of it. STATE OF EUPHORIA is metal classic that stands up there with anything released by METALLICA, MEGADETH OR SLAYER in the same time period. All these bands released albums the same years as this one, and ANTHRAX sometimes doesnt get the due they are owed. This album is filled with great lyrics, killer riffs and alot of energy. ANTHRAX has always been able to mix serious messages with some comical lyrics on their albums and they do here once again. BE ALL,END ALL, MAKE ME LAUGH, WHO CARES WINS are 3 songs that are serious but they just rock, FINALE is a funny song that with comical lyrics that also rocks. ANTISOCIAL is also a classic song that the band rocks out on. If you like fast furious music, then this is an album that u should own.

    Posted on December 24, 2009