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  • Nonpoint literally came out of nowhere and made a name for theirselves with this impressive debut album. This is ultimatly one of the best metal releases of 2000. The music is just so intense and the vocals are melodic and aggressive. The guitar playing on this record is fantastic. Andy Goldman’s riffs are crunchy, grooving, and heavy as hell, reminiscent of Machine Head, Sevendust, and System of a Down, yet remaining very unique sounding. The drum and bass work is what really give the music its intense vibe. Robb Rivera is a hard hitting drummer that knows how to push a song to the next level. And KB’s bass lines flow along through each track. The most surprising aspect of Nonpoint’s debut is Elias Sorano’s suprisingly top notch vocal skills. His melodic lines are beautiful and his intense furious vocal style sends chills down your spine. Every song brings a new layer of sound to the table and once your through with all 12 tracks…you will have just been blown away by the most underlooked new band of 2000 – 2001. Trust me, Nonpoint doesnt sound like any of their peers, and talent wise…they are head and shoulders above them.

    Posted on March 4, 2010