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Static Tensions

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  • This album features everything you need if you’re into timeless heavy rock: riffs galore, southern comfort, reefer madness, tribal ecstasy, spaced-out musings,avant-garde tempos and proggy ideas, classic metal, stoner, thrashy metal, a crust-punk edge, a post-punk feeling…plus, the growls/cookiemunster vocals are gone for good, which in my book is a sign of hard-earned maturity.
    It sits comfortably in 2009, and will probably top my annual list, but it could’ve blown me away back in ‘87, too…
    beautiful, to say the least.
    After listening to it a few times, I had to go back in time and play some early Steve Hillage, some Can and some Hawkwind (plus Mammatus, my other contemporary faves!): nothing else was up to standard.
    Well done, extremely well done!

    Posted on December 20, 2009