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Static Tensions

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  • I stand by my statement. I DARE you to find a heavier sounding album from 2009 than Kylesa’s “Static Tensions.” From beginning to end, you are being bludgeoned by not just a duel drum attack, but relentlessly aggro riffage, fuzzed out bass and twist after sonic twist.

    Compared to their past releases, the improvement in sound for the recording of the dual drum attack compared to albums past is utterly staggering. The drum fill that kicks off the opening track, “Scapegoat,” portrays a simple message: what’s coming at you for the next 40 minutes is going to be utterly brutal… and, oh lord, it is! On “Said and Done” the percussion takes over a breakdown that sounds almost like an entire marching band drum corps packed into your stereo. And how about them guitars? “Unknown Awareness” builds up with a pounding primal beat combined with a distorted bass that sounds like bodies falling from the sky. The standard rythm guitars enter while another wails mournfully with a ghostly reverb effect as you feel like you’ve wandered into the wrong part of the rabbit hole.

    The vocals being a bit lost in the mix only adds to the mystique of Phil and Laura’s singing. The lyrics are abstract, thought provoking but never pretentious. I think the best lines of the album appear in “Nature’s Predators” when Phil proclaims “This is no love generation/This is the town I live in… We are not victims/We are someone’s enemy.” You wouldn’t expect something so poignant from a band so heavy as this, but they do so without being condecsending or insuting to the listeners intelligence, but say it in a way that any listener of any intelligence can get on a number of levels.

    If you want to classify this, I think the closest you could come to is stoner metal or death metal. I’d personally classify it in the “f*** me that’s HEAVY” genre. Overall, one of the years best! BUY!

    Posted on December 20, 2009