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Stay Hard

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  • barrage from 1985. Raven is/was a power trio that delivered mostly over-the-top heavy rock ‘n roll with a glut of hooks. Believe it or not, Stay Hard is one of their more subdued records. For a true Raven attack, you gave got to get your hands on Live at the Inferno- it’s an earth shattering live experience. But what we have at hand is very good indeed. Stay Hard is mostly mid-paced, riff heavy, and drum intensive. The vocals were hard to get used to in the beginning particularly because they are harsh. John Gallagher, who also plays bass, uses his vocal cords to their absolute fullest, belting out any and every kind of growl, snarl, and yelp he can. His style is not really unique as far as 80’s metal bands go, but he definitely knows how to do this type of screaming better than most metal frontmen. Most songs here reflect classic metal riffery- “Hard Ride”, “On & On”, “When the Going Gets Tough.” Nothing too progressive, just straight forward good hard rockin’. The main riff from “Restless Child” borrows (rips off?) the riff from Rainbow’s “Starstruck.” I can even hear a similarity to Saxon’s “Dallas 1PM” in the Raven tune “Power and Glory.” Oh well, let it pass, for the tracks really do rock. The solos on this record cook. As an added bonus, there are 2 extra tracks from Raven’s “Mad” EP. “Gimme Just a Little” and “Do or Die” are really the highlights of an already fierce album. I find that Stay Hard is excellent cruising material. The band gives 100% on every track, something you don’t normally hear from an established rock unit. -David Newman 1998

    Posted on December 17, 2009