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  • No…I can’t bring myself to believe that these are rejects. Well, I guess System’s “trash” is another band’s “aspiration”. Other nu-metal bands could only hope to be half as good as SOAD’s B-sides. I almost didn’t waste the 11.99 on this cd but I’m so glad I did.1. Chic N Stu- This might be my favorite song on the whole damn album. Its worth stealing for this song alone! Worthy of anything on Toxicity (except for Needles and Deer Dance and Chop Suey and ATWA and Toxicity….) 10/102. Innervision- At first I was like, hmmm….its an okay song….but the more i listened to it the more I fell in love with it. Beautiful. 9/103. Bubbles- Wow. That’s all I can say. 10/104. Boom!- I love the chorus to this song and the very end of it too. SOAD really knows how to end a song with a bang. 10/105. Nuguns- Not as good as the previous four songs…7/106. ADD- Again, this song didnt impress me the first 10 times I heard it. Then suddenly one day I was listening to it and I realized that it was one of the best songs. This CD keeps amazing me. 10/107. Mr Jack- A slower song but it picks up speed at the end and I LOVE the way it ends, when he screams and then it just cuts off. Very powerful. 9/108. A-E-I-E-I-O- If there were a single to this CD, this song would be it. All around catchy, very singable. 9/109. 36- Why so short? I want more! This is the strangest song by far, just because of the voice inflections and weird guitar thingy. “Life is so…unnecessary!” 8/1010. Pictures- Another very catchy song. I like the little drum cadence. 9/1011. Highway Song- Haunting, beautiful melody. 9/1012. *uck the System- A tribute to what the band is all about. Amen. 9/1013. Egobrain- A third song that I fell in love with after a few dozen listens. And getting better every time. 9/1014. Thetaways- It’s ok…kind of blends into the rest of the songs, doesn’t stand out all that much to me. 7/1015. Roulette- The guys slow down for a second here to catch their breath, I guess. And I’m glad they did- the result is…well…breath-taking. 9/1016. Streamline- This one also kind of blends in and doesn’t really stand out on its own. Don’t get me wrong, still good though. 7/10Hope that was helpful!

    Posted on November 20, 2009