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  • This record is a huge mixture of sounds because of the time period it covers. Comprised of tracks from throughout the band’s history, the sampling of their different sounds over the years is impressive. From the hard-hitting “Chic N’ Stu” to the more thought-provoking “Streamline,” it is easy to find something you like here. As a System fan, I saw the disc as a way to see their progression to where they are now, but any fan of rock will appreciate the overall sound of this record. Another important part of the record’s appeal is the underlying messages of System of a Down. From the presentation of the case (no book included, CD is made to look like a CD-R that someone wrote on), to the title, “Steal This Album!,” to the politically motivated songs included, it is easy to see where the band stands on many issues (especially their anti-war stance).Overall, “Steal This Album!” is definitely a record to own, if for many different reasons. System fans should buy it because it is a chance to hear unreleased songs from the band’s past. Rock fans in general should buy it because it is a record with purpose that appeals to you no matter what style of “System” you prefer, hard-hitting or thought-provoking, and sometimes all of the above. Get your hands on this one, even if you have to follow the band’s cynical advice and “Steal This Album!”Best tracks: “Innervision,” “A.D.D.,” “I-E-A-I-A-I-O,” “Highway Song,” and “Streamline.”

    Posted on November 20, 2009