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  • I first approached buying this CD with caution. Sure, the other 2 SOAD albums were brilliant, but what do you immediately think when you walk into the Metal section of the music store and see a CD which has no cover art and looks like a ripped album? Are you going to pay $??.95 for that?Or is this just a damn clever gimmick? Yes it is. STEAL THIS ALBUM is an album that is well worth your money, and finds the band issuing previously unreleased material that spans their career to date. As you would expect, Serj Tankian is in full flight with his anti-consumer song CHIC’N'STU (only Serj could make screaming out the ingredients for casserole and pizza sound cool!) , and the soaring INNERVISION. There is also the nicely anti-authority track F**K THE SYSTEM as well as some gentler songs which will surprise some SOAD fans, but will also delight them too.By inserting the CD into your computer you can access the album info such as lyrics etc. STEAL THIS ALBUM is a record well worth your money and will please SOAD fanatics both old and new. So if none of your friends or relatives got you this for Xmas (like mine), make sure STEAL THIS ALBUM is the first CD you buy in 2003. Got it?

    Posted on November 20, 2009