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  • Although a collection of previously unreleased tracks that were only partially finished (recorded durring the “Toxicity” sessions), I agree that every song on here was definetley good enough to make the final cut. I’ll break it down song by song…1.) Chic ‘N’ Stu: Very interesting lyrics. I’m still trying to figure out what it means… it’s more than just food here. However, this is one of the very few System songs where Daron (guitar/back up vocals) sings in a normal voice. Very cool! 4/52.) Innervision: The new single from the album. If you got this from the net a while back (like me), this version is better overall with some revised parts. Arguable the best song on the album. 5/53.) Bubbles: Life in a bubble jungle! I admit, some of these songs catchy for having such political lyrics :) Good song. 4/54.) Boom: Something VERY different from our Armenian friends. The whole song is spoken as a poem, by Serj, except for the chorus. 5/5 for the originality alone.5.) Nuguns: The opening chords may have you wondering if this is some kind of remake of “Prison Song” from Toxicity. Pretty good song overall. 4/56.) A.D.D. (American Dream Denial): You may have seen Shavo laying down the bass tracks for this song durring the “Toxicity Backstage” video. One of my favorite songs on the album. 5/57.) Mr. Jack: For now, my favorite song on the album. Has kind of a gloomy feel to it, much like “Spiders” from their self-titled debut. 5/58.) I-E-A-I-A-I-O: Serj in a display of his ability to sing the impossible in a mumbling of tongue twisters. Beautifully sung chorus. Interesting song. 4/59.) 36: A 46 second track of (mostly) screaming and brutal guitar riffage. Nothing special here. 3/510.) Pictures: Another great What-The-Hell-Kind-Of-Music-Is-This-Song from S.O.A.D. It kicks booty! 5/511.) Highway Song: Shows of Daron’s back-up vocal skills quite well. Pretty good song. 4/512.) F**k the System: You’ve probably heard this song before as it has been very easily available on Kazaa for a while. Sounds more like the type of songs they were writing on their self-titled debut. 4/513.) Ego Brain: Probably one of the top 5 songs from this CD. It’s a bit different from what they usually make, but it’s great none the less. 5/514.) Thetawaves: A song that would’ve fit in just fine with the “Toxicity” line up. 4/515.) Roulette: Something different from a nu metal band. Features Daron on guitar/back-up vocals and Serj singing. I love the lyrics! 5/516.) Streamline: Up in the top 5 of this CD. This seams quite different in some aspects than the downloaded (Scorpion King Soundtrack) version but I never bought the soundtrack so I’m not sure. VERY good song. 5/5The only reason I gave this CD 4/5 is because there are very few records that I feel really deserve a 5 star rating, despite the fact that I gave 5/5 stars to some of the songs. However, this CD is definetley worthy of any nu metal fan’s collection, S.O.A.D. fan or not.

    Posted on November 20, 2009