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Stench of Redemption

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  • When Glen Benton has two members of his band leave and piss him off, man does it show in a killer way in the finished product. Steve Asheim wrote all the music for this. Glen Benton’s vocal attack on this CD is his best since the old Legion days. Not wasting time and getting Jack Owen and Ralph Santolla on guitars, was the best choice he could have made. On Scars of The Crucifix, it was all out war in the songs. Not many breaks, just straight out hammering away, song after song. On this one, there’s more structure to the songs, better riffs, and guitar solos that actually say something. Not to bash Scars, that was a great release, all Deicide is, but this one is a newer more enraged Deicide. Big time Devil-horned salute to Glen and Steve for creating this one!

    Posted on January 15, 2010