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Steppenwolf Gold

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  • A 2-CD,31 track compilation release of Steppenwolf’s work.Don’t believe I’ve ever seen this one in the stores.Ideal if you’ve had to(in the past)get rid of all your Steppenwolf to pay the bills,move,etc.You know how it is.All the better known material is here,like “Sookie Sookie”,”Magic Carpet Ride”,”Hey Lawdy Mama”,”Monster” and “Rock Me”.Not to mention some of the ‘deep album cuts’ that I,personally don’t remember such as “Your Wall’s Too High”,”Take What You Need”,”Screaming Night Hog” and “Drift Away”.Good music to play in your car CD player,while traveling a bit.Simply good all American late ’60’s album rock.A should-have.

    Posted on February 22, 2010