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  • Wow who ever was in charge of producing and mastering this 2 cd set should be fired. They pulled a Metallica Death Magnetic on it.

    The setlist is great it has the longer versions of “America” and “It’s never to late” on it but boy did they mess up the sound quality.

    In laymens terms the volume on these cd’s is so high it causes audible clipping and distortion at very normal volumes. It doesn’t matter how good a sound system you have these cd’s will sound harsh and be distorted and will clip.

    I had to manually fix each song on this set, I had to de-amplify each song by 1.4% and run a clip restoration plug in to fix the clipped off .wav files.

    Basically every song is pushed WAY beyond the point of clipping if you look at the songs wav form in an audio editing program.

    Audio should NEVER be this loud, it really messes with the sound quality.

    The Producers obviously mastered these cd’s without actually looking at what they were doing.

    I know it’s the IN thing right now to master cd’s so loud that you barely have to touch the volume knob but doing this completely robs the music of dynamic range and creates a harsh fatiguing cd to listen to.

    Your ears will be tired after this 2 cd set for dealing with all the distortion and clipping.

    Posted on February 22, 2010