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Still Life

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  • I already held “Still Life” as one of my top 5 CDs, so the 5.1 mix enticed me to buy this. Definitely a good choice!

    The “CD” portion of this package is just the same old “Still Life” with a slight fix on some of the audio. It no longer drops in places (such as the moor) but you won’t get anything else new. The CD is just a nice addition to replace your old one.

    The real seller is the 5.1 audio DVD. One quick warning though: there is no LFE channel in the mix, so technically it was only mastered for 5.0. This is not to say your sub wont work, just that there wasn’t a dedicated channel to the lower frequencies. It has plenty of bass, it just wasn’t mastered in true 5.1 Don’t let that dissuade you though, the sound is quite superb.

    The use of the surround speakers to add ambiance to the music is great, and the center channel pushes Akerfeldt’s voice right out. The mix is absolutely amazing, and the music sounds totally different and new (in a good way of course). The acoustic guitars and some leads sound as if they were re-recorded (very apparent in Benighted), and the music takes on a different dynamic, becoming more drastic in changes from crunch to clean. (if you can imagine “Still Life” having more drastic dynamics)

    All in all, a solid re-mix and re-master. The bonus footage of Face of Melinda live is great as well.

    Posted on January 3, 2010