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Still Life

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  • I am a huge fan of Opeth, and although every album they’ve ever released is a 5+ star album, there is just something really special about Still Life.

    If you’ve never heard it before Still Life is a concept album about the narrator(whose name is never mentioned) and his love interest Melinda. The narrator of the story has just returned home after spending several years in hiding, or banishment?, do to a questionable past. The reason for his return is of course Melinda, however fate is definately not on their side. Too keep from ruining the story I will only say that this is a very poetic, beautiful, and epic tale with many twists and turns leading to a climatic ending.

    Still Life is not only amazing lyrically however, the music and singing heard here is really quite astonishing as well. Like all Opeth albums there is an excellent mix of heavy death metal music with beautiful acoustic interludes with folk and progressive influences. Mike’s vocals are at his best here with a great combination of growls, screams and clean singing that can change on a dime.

    My personal favorite tracks are “The Moor”, “Godheads Lament”, “Face of Melinda”, and “Serenity Painted Death”. Simply brillant music all the way through. Any fan of Opeth should definatlely have this album. Anyone new to this band should approach it with patience and an open mind. It may take a few listens to get into if you’re not use to the more extreme side of metal but overall fans of any kind of music could get into this album if given a chance.

    Posted on January 3, 2010