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Stone Blue

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  • Look around at any ‘greatest hits’ album for Foghat, and you’ll usually see “Slow Ride” and “Fool For The City” listed… it’s rare that you’ll find “Stone Blue” on any of them. Of course, when you do find “Slow Ride” or “Stone Blue” on a greatest hits album, it’s *always* the ‘radio edit’ version… the version hacked and slashed until it would fit into the 70’s and 80’s airplay limit of 3 minutes. The *only* place you’ll find these two songs in their original mint condition is on their original albums (“Slow Ride”, of course, was on “Fool For The City”, while “Stone Blue” is right here).

    If you like Foghat, then you need this album. If you like rocking blues, then you need this album. If you like righteous guitar that doesn’t scream like a burning cat but instead sounds like a guitar should, then you need this album.

    Just the song “Stone Blue” alone is worth the album… 6 minutes of Rod Price and ‘Lonesome Dave’ Peverett cranking out the blues and slide guitars, and all of it guaranteed to keep you glued in front of the speakers – but that’s not all this album has to offer.

    In the early 80’s Foghat started doing more of a standard rock sound, doing less and less of their original blues and slide… this album is one of the last of their true blues roots, and it is very good.

    Posted on December 17, 2009