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Stone Sour

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  • Stone Sour’s first, self-titled ablum is a hard-hitting collection of melodic to heavy rock. Revived by vocalist Corey Taylor and guitarist Jim Root of Slipknot (Stone Sour originally broke up prior to Slipknot’s existence), Stone Sour has given Corey and Jim the opportunity to express themselves much more melodically than they would be able to do with Slipknot. This is especially true with the ballad “Bother”.Here are my ratings for each of the songs on their debut album:1. “Get Inside” 5/5. Heaviest song on the album. Very heavy guitar and aggressive guttural vocals.2. “Orchids” 5/5. Hard guitar, guttural to melodic vocals. Guttural chorus.3. “Cold Reader” 5/5. Hard guitar, more melodic vocals. Melodic to guttural chorus.4. “Blotter” 5/5. Starts with a silly answering machine message. Second heaviest song on the album. Heavy guitar and aggressive, guttural to melodic vocals. Melodic to guttural chorus.5. “Choose” 4/5. Hard guitar, guttural vocal beginnnig giving way to more melodic vocals. Melodic to guttural chorus.6. “Monolith” 5/5. Emotional hard guitar. Melodic & emotional vocals. Aggressive & emotional chorus.7. “Inhale” 4/5. Starts with heavy guitar, giving way to soft vocals. Very melodic chorus.8. “Bother” 4/5. Melodic ballad. Soft guitar, very melodic & emotional vocals. No percussion. String accompaniment and accoustic guitar.9. “Blue Study” 3/5. Hard guitar, soft vocals, but aggressive chorus. (Like the chorus best.)10. “Take a Number” 4/5. Softer to hard guitar, mix of soft to aggresive to heavy vocals.11. “Idle Hands” 4/5. Hard to heavy guitar, collage of deep vocals to aggressive/melodic vocals.12. “Tumult” 5/5. Third heaviest song on the album. Good mix of soft spots & loud/heavy/guttural vocals.13. “Omega” 3/5 Emotional, poetic reading (or rant). No instruments.Hardcore Slipknot fans may or may not like Stone Sour because it’s not as aggressive or heavy. Fans of more melodic hard rock will probably like Stone Sour more than Slipknot.

    Posted on December 13, 2009