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Stone Sour

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  • Okay, I know that writing a review for a product on the day it comes out is not the smartest thing in the world, being that probably nobody will be able to read this review because of all the others that will be here at the same time, but I don’t care. I can’t take it anymore. I bought “Stone Sour” today and have already listened to it more than a dozen times. This album is AWESOME!For those of you who don’t know, the lead singer is Corey Taylor, that’s right, the lead singer from Slipknot. And if any of you had doubts that the man can sing, you just listen to this CD and then decide for yourself. I know, people have been saying the man can’t sing because he yells and screams all the time. I agree that most of the metal bands I listen to, the lead singer can never sing, hence the yelling and screaming. But Corey CAN sing, and does a great job.Do not be fooled, this is NOT Slipknot, so don’t go thinking that’s what you’re gonna get. The whole point of doing side projects is to do something different. Otherwise there’s really no point, now is there? True, these guys are still heavy and Corey still yells and screams. But, the guitars are a little more mellowed-out, and the music isn’t as fast-paced or as aggressive.There was not one bad song I could find on this album. Every one of them is excellent. My favorites are as follows: get inside, orchids, blotter, monolith, bother, inhale, and choose. But, they’re all great. “get inside” reminds me of “spit it out,” being that Corey raps a little in this and it’s fast paced. Other songs aren’t as fast paced.I was also amazed by the writing. There’s some really great lyrics, and since there is more singing, you can understand them all without a problem. The lyrics are very emotionally-packed and well-constructed. But man, it’s just so great to hear Corey do some singing. I mean, I love the yelling and screaming, but he really does have a beautiful voice, and he takes full advantage of it on this album. (Don’t worry, everybody else in the band is just as good.)If you still have doubts on Corey’s singing ability, just have yourself a seat, place this bad boy in, and go to track #8; good ol’ “bother.” (which also appeared on the “Spider-Man” soundtrack.The CD also includes the video for “get inside.”Overall, the singing is great, the guitars are great, and the drumming is great. Everything about this album is great. This just might be the best album of 2002. Then again, that’s only my opinion. Check it out when you can. If you like good metal or just some great rock music, “Stone Sour” is the album you’ve been looking for.

    Posted on December 13, 2009