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Stone Sour

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  • If you like the mellower moments of Slipknot, if you’re closer to metal that’s more regular than the heaviest hardcore, or if you even like hard rock ballads, Stone Sour’2002 is what you are looking for.The only problem about the CD is you may expect, thanks to the couple of guys, something very similar to Iowa. You’ll be unlucky in the case: you’ll have a couple of moments when you feel the familiar sound, but the biggest part of the cd is a different sort of music. It’s industrial, it’s plain metal, it’s sort of hardcore, and it’s just… hard rock.Whatever may disappoint you, overall the music is great, professionally written and played, and every track is amazingly original, refreshing, and reminds of some other musicians that skilfully vary their music through an album.Bother is simply a beautiful thing, and… the strangest track on the CD, due to its pop-hard-rock-ballad-like type. The hit appreciated by millions anyway.The faster tracks like Get Inside, Tumult, and Orchids, the slower ones like Idle Hands, Choose, and Blue Study, the differently styled Monolith, and Inhale, and the mysterious Omega, these are all parts of the same complicated but very pleaseful musical picture that’s painted by undoubtedly talented guys named Stone Sour.The good buy.

    Posted on December 13, 2009