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Stone Sour

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  • After meeting Corey Taylor a few months ago before a show, I fell in love with Stone Sour. Even before the meet I liked Stone Sour, as well as Murderdolls, for only a few months before had I become a fan of the band I once despised, Slipknot. Why did I despise them? The same reason the people who do despise them despise them. Because they scream. But if you were a big fan of Slipknot, and listened to songs like “Wait & Bleed”, “No Life”, “My Plague” & “Me Inside”, you could tell that Corey could indeed sing, and you can tell it even more with Stone Sour, in which he keeps his famous screaming (though not as much), but his singing is more present. Is Stone Sour better than Murderdolls? Oh yeah. Is Stone Sour better than Slipknot? That’s for you to decide…1. Get Inside-5/5-A very heavy song, one of the heaviest on th album. The verses are a slow-down from the rest of the song, and the choruses just rock!2. Orchids-5/5-This, like “Cold Reader”, is a strange song. It’s hard to define; it’s melodic, hard in some parts, and that’s about it. Oh yeah, it’s great, too.3. Cold Reader-5/5-See previous.4. Blotter-4/5-It starts off with a message on Corey’s answering machine sounding like some guy throwing up or something…anyway, this was a hard song for me to like at first. The verses don’t appeal to me too much, but I’ve overcome that, and now I enjoy the song. The bridge’s once again show how good of a singer Corey Taylor really is.5. Choose-4/5-A good song, one of the first I liked, with quiet, melodic choruses, that turns into a heavier song, and goes up and down from there. It can get boring in some places after a while, which is why I give it a 4.6. Monolith-5/5-A slower, more melodic song, with great singing and lyrics, and a mysterious sounding guitar solo. I love it.7. Inhale-5/5-The album’s proposed next single, and it’s possibly my favorite. If you listen to the lyrics, it’s obvious what the song’s about, a “broken man”. The music, lyrics, singing, everything is wonderful.8. Bother-3/5-I first heard this song on the Spider-Man soundtrack (before this album was released) and thought, “hell no-this must be another Corey Taylor.” Well, it’s not. This is an acoustic song, very depressing, yet very uplifting at the same time. I like acoustic stuff, but this doesn’t deserve more than a 3.9. Blue Study-0/5-Sorry, but there’s always one of those bad songs. This is one of them.10. Take A Number-2/5-Another not-so-good song. However, that’ll stop with the next song…11. Idle Hands-5/5-This is a darker song, not THAT heavy, but still heavy in it’s own right. The verses stand out the most on this track.12. Tumult-3/5-When I saw Stone Sour live, Corey called this track the “heaviest on the album”. It doesn’t sound like that to me. Yes, it’s heavy, but not worthy of a title such as that.13. Omega-5/5-A much talked about “talking” track, with Corey reciting dark poetry, interupted every minute or so by someone in the background. Sure, you won’t listen to this every time you pop in this CD, but it’s very entertaining for what it is.Check out Stone Sour if you like Slipknot, Korn, Mudvayne, Disturbed or any other simuilar band.

    Posted on December 14, 2009