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Stoner Witch

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  • The basis for the Melvins’ career has been the simple principle: “we don’t give a fxxx what anybody thinks”. Indeed, Buzzo and company make music that is totally outside the confines of mainstream thinking, ranging from unholy sludge to soothing ambience. Their early work was largely responsible for the “grunge” movement, and in the 90s, Atlantic records decided to take a gamble with them. The notion of the Melvins – underground legends – on a major label is sort of amusing, but 94’s Stoner Witch is ANYTHING but commercially palatable. Pinpointing the Melvins style is an impossible task, for they shift genres with every song and album. Their stylo is downtuned, jagged riffs in complex signatures… imagine a severely scratched up copy of Symptom of the Universe… topped off with Buzz Osbourne’s insane growls. The first 4 songs on Stoner Witch reveal the Melvins’ more upbeat, thrashy side, particularly Revolve, their shining hour and most metal tune, IMO. Songs like Roadbull are nearly impossibly complex and twisted, while At the Stake is abysmally slow and droning sludge. Perhaps my favorite song on the record (behind revolve) is Shevil, a long, meandering and ambient trip that kind of demands bong usage. If you’re looking for something more diverse and intelligent than the average metal band, pick this shizzy up fo sho. Word.

    Posted on December 21, 2009